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A Fire Door Is A Movable Fire Divider

Precautions for installation, use and maintenance of fire doors

A fire door is a movable fire partition. Fire doors with higher fire resistance are usually set in firewalls, front rooms, walkways, and stairwells. Fire door is an important fire protection equipment, it is one of the important facilities to effectively block fire and ensure the safe evacuation of people. If the location, form and fire resistance of a building’s evacuation stairs are considered very carefully, but the fire doors are poor in fire resistance, fail to open and close, or leak smoke and fire, it may cause the entire stairwell to completely lose the role of safe evacuation.

my country divides fire doors into three levels: Class A fire doors must be fire resistant for 1.5 hours, mostly calcium silicate boards and ceramic wool filled with double-sided thin steel plates, mainly used for door openings in fire compartments. Class B fire doors must be fire resistant for 1.0 hours. They are constructed of thick wooden boards with single or double nailed asbestos boards and iron sheets. Some wood is treated with fireproof impregnating materials. They are mainly located in stairwells, front rooms and front door openings of fire elevators. place. Class C fire doors should be fire resistant for 0.5 hours and are mainly used as access doors for pipeline wells.

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