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 Brand Story

“Golden Tortoise” registered on the trade market, it has a very well known brand which has a very interesting story.

20 years ago, when we moved into our factory, a big tortoise came into our factory and started biting the doorkeeper’s pants. It seemed that he was very hungry, so the doorkeeper sent him to see our GM, Mr. Wang. Mr. Wang was very happy and asked the kitchen to offer him a big dinner and make a corner as a little house for this Tortoise.

After one and half year, this first Tortoise from that litter house moved to the big pond, and many neighbors sent many tortoises to us. So now there are over 20 tortoises in the pond, and when it is a sunny day, they all come to the sand to sun-bathe.

One day, there was heavy rain, and the factory became a big swimming pool. All the tortoises had gone, and everyone thought they had gone or escaped from our factory.

When the flood had gone, we found out that all the tortoises had come back. 

Everybody was surprised and very happy.

Tortoise has very strong shell, so it is like our steel doors; Tortoise has very long life, they could live 300 years, it is our factory.