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Do Fiberglass Doors Warp From Heat?

Yes, fiberglass doors can warp from heat. While fiberglass is a durable material that typically resists warping, long-term exposure to extreme heat can cause the doors to warp or crack. Here are some factors that can contribute to warping and measures to prevent it:

1. Incorrect Installation: If a fiberglass door is not installed correctly or if it has a poorly structured internal frame, it can warp.

2 .Direct Heat: Fiberglass doors can warp when they come into direct contact with extreme heat.

3. Quality of Fiberglass: Higher quality fiberglass is less susceptible to warping than lower quality fiberglass.

4. Preventive Measures: To prevent warping, its recommended to avoid installing doors that directly face harsh southern or western sun exposures, if possible. Using protection such as marine wax can also help reduce the effects of sun exposure.

5. Maintenance: Regular maintenance, including cleaning the door with a simple wipe down using furniture polish and a soft cloth, can help keep your door warp-free.

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