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Fire Door Design Requirements

1. Fire doors according to fire resistance limit:

It is divided into Class A, Class B and Class C, and its fire resistance rating shall not be lower than 1.50h, 1.00h and 0.50h respectively.

2. Requirements for opening fire doors:

1) The fire door shall be a swing door that opens in the direction of evacuation, with self-closing function, and shall be able to be manually opened from any side after being closed. For example, a door closer should be installed on a single door, a door closer and a sequencer should be installed on double or multiple doors, and there should be a cover seam between the double doors.

2) Normally open fire doors should be used for fire doors for frequent passage of people. The normally open fire door should have the functions of automatic closing and signal feedback to ensure that when a fire occurs, the door can be automatically closed by the fire control center.

3) The inner and outer sides of the fire door should be able to be manually opened (except for the evacuation doors that usually need to control the random access of personnel in crowded places, or the outer doors of residential buildings with access control systems). Residential doors that have both fire protection functions shall have self-closing devices, and the opening direction is not limited.

4) The fire door must use hardware accessories with corresponding fire rating and products approved by the fire department. For the fire door set near the deformation joint, after the fire door is opened, the door leaf should not cross the deformation joint, and should be set on the side with more floors.

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