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Flame Retardant Properties Of Wood

When it comes to the flame retardant treatment of wood fire doors, we have to say that the wood to be flame retardant is usually best dry rather than wet. The main reason is that relatively dry wood can absorb the flame retardant liquid relatively easily after entering the flame retardant pool. At the same time, the amount of flame retardant liquid absorbed by the wood will have a certain impact on the flame retardant quality of the wood. It is known that when the wood absorbs the flame retardant liquid gradually increasing, the flame retardant function of the wood will also get better and better, and then the flame retardant is made into a flame retardant liquid with a regular concentration and then added to the flame retardant pool, and the wood is placed in the flame retardant pool. Into the pool for heating and cooking, and during the cooking process, water is continuously added to the flame-retardant pool, so that the concentration of the flame-retardant liquid absorbed by the wood gradually decreases in such a process. material. In this way, it will make the workers too hot in the operation process, which is not conducive to labor protection. Not only that, but more importantly, the cells inside the wood will also be affected to a certain extent during the process of heating and cooling. Therefore, due to thermal expansion and cold contraction, a certain degree of negative pressure is generated, and the flame-retardant wood will further absorb the flame-retardant liquid under the action of negative pressure, thereby improving the quality of flame-retardant treatment.

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