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How Thick Is The Skin On A Hollow Core Steel Door?

The thickness of the skin on a hollow-core steel door can vary depending on the specific design, manufacturer, and intended application. Hollow-core steel doors typically consist of a steel skin on the exterior and may have a core filled with materials like polystyrene or honeycomb structures for added strength and insulation.

As a general guideline, the skin on a hollow-core steel door is usually thicker than that of a hollow-core wooden door. The skin thickness for hollow-core steel doors commonly ranges from around 18 to 26 gauge, with 18 gauge being thicker than 26 gauge. The gauge is a measure of the thickness of the steel, with a lower gauge indicating a thicker material.

However, it’s crucial to note that these are general estimates, and the actual thickness can vary based on the specific door model and manufacturer. For accurate information about the skin thickness on a particular hollow-core steel door, it is recommended to check with the door manufacturer or refer to the door’s specifications and documentation.

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