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Is Steel 2 Hour Fire-Rated?

Steel doors can be designed and constructed to achieve fire ratings, including 2-hour fire resistance. The fire rating of a steel door is determined by its specific design, materials, and construction, and it is subject to rigorous testing and certification to ensure it can withstand exposure to fire and heat for the specified duration.

A 2-hour fire-rated steel door is engineered to provide fire resistance for two hours, meaning it can withstand fire and prevent the passage of flames, smoke, and heat for this extended period. These doors are often used in applications where a higher level of fire protection is required, such as in industrial settings, large commercial buildings, and areas with specific fire safety needs.

It’s important to ensure that any fire-rated steel door is installed and maintained according to local building codes and regulations to ensure its continued fire resistance. Consulting with fire safety professionals and following the manufacturer’s specifications is crucial to ensure that the steel door meets its intended fire rating.

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