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What Is A Security Front Door?

A security front door, also known as a reinforced front door or a high-security door, is a specially designed door that provides enhanced security to the main entrance of a building or residence. These doors are built with robust materials and advanced security features to deter forced entry and protect against break-ins.

Security front doors are typically constructed using materials like reinforced steel, solid wood, or composite materials that offer high strength and durability. They often have reinforced frames and hinges to prevent tampering or forced entry. Additionally, security front doors may feature multiple locking mechanisms, such as deadbolts, multi-point locks, or electronic locks, which provide increased resistance against unauthorized access.

Furthermore, security front doors may include additional security measures like peepholes, security cameras, or intercom systems to allow residents to verify visitors before granting access. These doors are designed to withstand physical attacks, resist drilling or picking, and provide a robust barrier against intrusion attempts.

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