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What Is The Highest Fire Rating For A Wood Door?

The highest fire rating for a wood door is typically 90 minutes, which is often denoted as FD90 (Fire Door 90 minutes). This means the door is designed, constructed, and tested to withstand exposure to fire and heat for a duration of 90 minutes without losing its fire resistance integrity.

Wooden fire doors with an FD90 rating are relatively rare and are typically used in applications where a higher level of fire protection is required, such as in specific industrial or commercial settings. These doors are engineered to provide an extended duration of fire resistance, allowing more time for occupants to evacuate a building and for firefighters to respond to a fire emergency.

It’s important to note that FD90-rated wooden fire doors, like all fire-rated doors, must meet stringent standards and certifications, and they should be installed and maintained in accordance with local building codes and regulations to ensure they perform as intended during a fire.

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