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What Materials Are Fire-Rated For Doors?

Fire-rated doors are designed to withstand fire for a certain amount of time, and are made of various materials. The most common materials used in fire-rated doors are steel, timber, gypsum, vermiculite, aluminum, and glass.

1. The core material of steel fire doors is non-combustible and will not feed a fire. Steel and other metal doors are typically more cost-effective than wood doors and come with a higher rating.

2. Timber fire-rated doors are typically filled with more resistant filler material like gypsum. Hollow steel doors can be filled with gypsum as well.

3. Vermiculite and other aluminum or metal panels can be added to wood doors for further fire resistance and to meet hygiene requirements where applicable. Having protective panels also makes a fire-rated door more weather-resistant when used as an exterior door.

4. Glass panels and windows are becoming more common in fire-rated doors. Wired glass has a visible steel mesh placed into the glass during the manufacturing process. Ceramic glass is replacing wire mesh glass as the most common glazing option. It is glass that has been heat-treated and crystalized into a stronger piece of glass that has high thermal stability. Ceramic glass can be clear, tinted or mirrored for a range of design choices, and its insulation abilities make it an energy-efficient option.

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