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Fire Door Certification Requires Five Stages

With the enhancement of people’s awareness of fire safety, the purchase demand for fire doors will continue to rise. At present, the country has put forward higher requirements for fire doors in terms of policies, regulations and inspection systems, and fire-related industries will have greater opportunities, which will also drive the development of the fire door market. Many door and window companies have been keenly aware of the market potential of fire doors. However, the production of fire doors is not an easy task. The strict quality requirements and the national access system have made many unqualified enterprises only “looking at the door and sighing”.

Fire door certification requires product quality first

Stage 1: Reporting. It is necessary to prepare a complete set of application materials, whether the business license has a fire door project, a fire inspection report, a law-abiding certificate for environmental protection, a safety production law-abiding certificate, and an entrusted inspection of fire door products.

There are 16 major items in total, which are divided into dozens of smaller items. If there is a problem with one item, the entire application time will be delayed.

Stage 2: Approval. The fire protection product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of Public Security conducts a preliminary assessment. After the preliminary assessment is passed, an online declaration is made after the authorization of the Ministry of Public Security, and then the relevant departments conduct a preliminary assessment.

The third stage: factory inspection. The fire protection product conformity assessment center of the Ministry of Public Security sent people to the enterprise to conduct a strict review of each link, which is also a link to test the real strength of the enterprise.

The fourth stage: product testing. That is what we commonly call the burning door, the product should be taken to the national designated testing institute for comprehensive testing.

The fifth stage: rectify unqualified items or re-inspect the factory or re-test products. Enterprises producing fire doors must first practice internal skills, system management must be formalized, and product quality must be strictly controlled. If the enterprise has no strength, it should not easily step into the fire door industry. The quality of fire doors is related to the safety of people’s lives, and the requirements of the market and relevant state departments will become more and more strict.

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