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How To Choose A Good Quality Fire Door?

The fire door market is roughly divided into wooden fire doors and steel fire doors. Some consumers have misunderstandings and believe that the flame retardant effect of wooden fire doors will be greater than that of steel. We must get rid of this misconception as soon as possible, as long as wooden fire doors After excellent flame retardant treatment, its flame retardant effect will be no less than that of steel fire doors. Wooden fire doors are more beautiful in appearance than steel ones, and they are easy to install, not to mention flame retardant effect and decorative beauty.

Steel materials need to be painted with several thick layers of fire retardant paint on the surface to have a flame retardant effect. Steel heats up much faster than wood, and deforms much faster than wood. For example, the World Trade Center in New York was not hit by a plane in the 9/11 incident. It was destroyed because the steel structure was melted by high heat and the whole building collapsed. It would be more disadvantageous to use steel fire doors for the internal structure. Quickly run to the back of the door, and the service life of steel fire doors is lower than that of wooden doors, and the bonding is difficult to handle, especially some steel doors installed in basements.

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