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Fire Door Inspection Is A Critical Step

The key step of fire door inspection is very important, which determines whether the fire door can play its performance and function at a critical moment. Let’s talk about how to check the safety performance of fire doors in detail.

The fire door located near the deformation gap should be set on the side with more floors, and when the door is opened, it should cross the deformation gap to prevent the spread of fireworks through the deformation gap. If it is a double or multiple fire door, it is necessary to set a sequential door closer. Fire doors used in stairwells, evacuation walkways and front rooms should be able to be automatically blocked. Always open the door, in the event of a fire, it should have the function of self-blocking and signal response.

The fire door shall be used as a swing door that opens in the direction of evacuation, and shall be able to be manually opened from any side after blockade. The seams and holes on the upper part of the fire door are filled with non-extinguishing materials, and should meet the corresponding fire resistance limit requirements. The door should have a reliable fire resistance function and be set reasonably. For normally open fire doors, civil buildings are generally swing doors, a single door releaser and a single linkage module, and a double-leaf antique two door releasers and two single linkage modules.

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