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Fire Door Settings

Fire doors shall be set up in accordance with the following requirements:

1. Normally open fire doors should be used for fire doors that are often passed through in buildings. Normally open fire doors should be able to close by themselves in case of fire, and should have the function of signal feedback.

2. Except for the positions where normally open fire doors are allowed, fire doors at other positions should be normally closed fire doors, and normally closed fire doors should be provided with prompts such as “keep fire doors closed” in their obvious positions.

3. The alarm signal of two independent fire detectors or a fire detector and a manual fire alarm button in the fire compartment where the normally open fire door is located should be used as the linkage trigger signal for the closing of the normally open fire door. The signal shall be sent by the fire alarm controller or fire linkage controller, and shall be controlled by the fire linkage controller or fire door monitor to close the fire door.

4. The opening, closing and fault status signals of each fire door on the evacuation passage should be fed back to the fire door monitor.

5. The fire door monitor should be set up in the fire control room, and if there is no fire control room, it should be set in a manned place, and the monitoring extension can be set in the electrical shaft or the floor power distribution room, etc.

6. The manual control button of the electric door opener should be set on the inner wall of the fire door, the distance from the door should not exceed 0.5m, and the height from the bottom edge to the ground should be 0.9m to 1.3m.

7. The setting of the fire door monitor should meet the installation and setting requirements of the fire alarm controller.

Fire door monitor is a control device used to display and control the opening and closing status of fire doors.

8. The fire door linkage door closer can close the fire door in the open state after receiving the instruction, and feed back its status information to the electric device of the fire door monitor.

9. Fire door electromagnetic release

Keep the normally open fire door open, release the fire door to close it after receiving the command, and feed back its own status information to the electric device of the monitor.

10. Fire door magnetic switch

A device used to monitor the opening and closing status of a fire door and feed back its status information to a fire door monitor.

11. Fire door failure status

The fire door is in an abnormally opened state or an abnormally closed state.

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