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The Safety Hazards Of Fire Doors Must Be Paid Attention To.

Many people think that as long as fire doors are installed, there is no need to worry about catching fire. Actually not. It has been heard that even in a fire where fire doors are installed, it is difficult to escape damage. This phenomenon is not a thing in life. Of course, this rarely does the job of vetoing fire doors. In fact, its role and effect are beyond doubt, but sometimes due to improper use of fire doors, it is difficult to play a certain role even in the event of a fire. . Now I will mainly introduce the hidden dangers of fire doors. I hope it helps everyone avoid such pitfalls.

Some users feel that fire doors cannot be used very often in their daily life, so they build up a lot of debris around fire doors to make use of every space. In the event of a fire, this affects normal escape speed. This poses a threat to people’s lives and property.

After long-term use, fire doors will definitely be damaged and aged. Therefore, it is very important to regularly check the quality of fire doors. However, to save cost and expense, do not inspect the fire door even if it fails. , leave it alone. This phenomenon will never happen.

The fire hinges are not securely attached to the wood fire door and door frame, and the fire door does not close properly when the connection is loosened. This phenomenon occurs most frequently. At present, the connection between the wood fire hinge and the door leaf and door frame is fixed by wood screws. The fixed base is the wood of the door leaf and frame. The wood used to produce fire doors is usually loose. Wood screws are used to attach heavy duty fire doors. A loose hinge will happen sooner or later.

In the evacuation route, the front room of the fire stairwell is equipped with a normally closed fire door. If opened manually in normal use, the fire door will not do the job of preventing smoke from stopping the fire. The significance of installing fire doors.

The above points must be given great attention. Once the details of any problems are discovered, they must be maintained and managed in a timely manner. For the safety of all people’s lives and property, I hope users of fire doors can take note of this.

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