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Internal Structure Of Fire Doors

For the current urban construction, the most common and important type of construction is all kinds of buildings, and the current buildings are all developing towards high-rise buildings, and as the buildings are getting higher and higher, and The internal structure is also becoming more and more complex. Under such development conditions, the fire protection of our building is more important, so the installation of our fire doors has become a very important measure.

And for our kind of door, what role can be played in it, presumably this is what most of us want to know. First of all, for our kind, in addition to playing a role in fire prevention, it can also prevent the spread of fire, prevent the spread of smoke, and bring a safer space for our personnel to escape.

And for most of the current products, the integrity and thermal requirements are relatively high, so they are often set in some fire zones, so it can bring more important to our fire zone work. It is very important to maximize the effect of our forehead arson.

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