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Pay Attention To The Fire Performance Of Fire Doors

When users choose to use steel fire doors, they should not only pay attention to its fire performance, but also pay attention to its environmental performance. This kind of door is often charged with certain materials inside for its own fire resistance.

As for the filling material inside the steel fire door, there is a difference. If you use some advanced environmental protection materials, it will increase the price of the integrated product to a certain extent. If you want to reduce its production cost , and to use some inferior materials, so that it may have a certain effect in fire prevention, but it has a certain decline in its own environmental protection.

So if you find out that the price of the door is very low, but it is still high in the fire rating, it may be that the internal materials are not environmentally friendly materials, because the internal materials have a certain health impact on the human body, so Even if it’s cheap on the price, it can’t be bought.

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