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The Development Of Fire Door Industry In China

Due to the continuous advancement of technology, the development of my country’s fire door industry has become more and more rapid. For example, the fire doors produced by the current Hebei fire door industry have transitioned from a single manual opening and closing method to an automatic era.

Generally speaking, for normally open fire doors, in civil buildings, a single fire door release switch and a single linkage module are installed, and two fire door release switches and two single linkage modules are installed for double doors.

The advantage of this installation is that after the smoke detector on either side of the fire door detects smoke, it reports to the fire alarm controller through the bus, and the linkage controller sends out action commands according to the existing settings. After the single linkage module dedicated to the fire door receives the command The passive normally open contacts of the module are closed. At the same time, the auxiliary contact of the fire door release switch inputs the fire door status signal into the single linkage module, and then sends it to the fire control room through the alarm bus.

The reset of the fire door requires the on-site manpower to pull the fire door to reset. After the reset, the fire door status signal will also be fed back to the fire control room at the same time. There is also a normally open fire door that is not a swing door, called a fire sliding door.

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