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Aluminum Security Doors

Every dream house deserves a strong and stunning aluminum security door.our Gold Tortoise aluminum security doors, crafted with galvanized steel door skin and adorned with captivating cast aluminum patterns. Choose from a range of colors to find the perfect match for your modern home. Experience the harmonious fusion of strength and beauty with our doors, providing both security and aesthetic appeal to your cherished abode.


1. Enhanced Security

Aluminum security doors are reinforced with internal steel bars, providing an additional layer of security. The combination of galvanized steet sheet, aluminum decoration and reinforced components makes these doors highly resistant to forced entry.

2. Design Versatility

Our doors offer a wide range of design options. The aluminum elements can be customized with various patterns and colors, adding aesthetic appeal to the door and complementing the overall architectural style of the property.

3. Powder Coating Finish

The powder coating surface treatment enhances the appearance and durability of aluminum security doors. Powder coating provides a smooth, even, and long-lasting finish, while also offering a wide selection of colors to choose from. This allows for customization to match the desired aesthetics of the property.

4. Low Maintenance 

Aluminum security doors require minimal maintenance. The powder coating finish helps resist scratches, chipping, and fading, reducing the need for frequent touch-ups or repainting. Regular cleaning with mild soap and water is usually sufficient to keep the doors looking their best. 


Door finishes: Powder coated of door skin, and cast aluminum design 

Accessory: 3 security hinges, MULTI-LOCK set 

The frame thickness: 1.5 mm galvanized steel 

Standard sizes: 820, 880, 1060*2100/2400mm

Frame size: 5″, 6″, 9″ 


Our factory boasts a dedicated team of over 30 engineers working full-time in our research and development department. These highly skilled professionals bring their expertise and innovative ideas to the forefront, driving our continuous improvement and product development efforts. With their deep knowledge of the industry, materials, and manufacturing processes, they play a crucial role in enhancing the quality and performance of our doors.


Q: Where is your factory located? How can I visit to your factory?

A: Our factory is located in Guangzhou city, Guangdong province, close to Guangzhou Baiyun Airport, only 20 minutes for driving from airport to our factory. Warmly welcome to visit our factory.

Q: Can you provide samples? Is it free or has extra fee?

A: If it is a small sample or material sample, you can get it for free. If it is a customized product, we will first charge a model sample fee and shipping fee. When the order is placed in batches, 100% will be returned to you.

Q: How long is the delivery time?

A: We will arrange the production as soon as we receive the deposit, usually it will take around 30 days for mass production. In case of large quantity or special order and urgently needed, it can be negotiated.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer Steel Security Doors with both standard and custom designs.
  • The company is now in a stage of vigorous development, and talents with striving spirit and professional ideals are welcome to join us!
  • Our Steel Security Doors are available in a variety of finishes to enhance the aesthetics of your space.
  • Talent is the most core and active factor in science and technology production, and also the key factor for enterprises to enhance their independent innovation ability.
  • We offer custom Steel Security Door designs to meet specific needs and requirements.
  • We know that we should always be truthful and sincere, and ensure that our actions and decisions will stand the test of time.
  • We offer Steel Security Doors with different levels of security to meet specific needs.
  • Our Aluminum Security Doors has extremely excellent performance and exquisite workmanship because of the standardized production base, advanced production equipment, modern enterprise management mode, procedural and strict quality monitoring system.
  • We provide Steel Security Doors with excellent fire ratings to meet fire safety standards.
  • Our company specializes in the production of various types of Aluminum Security Doors. Our products sell well all over the world and have been recognized and praised by all walks of life.

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