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Black Walnut American Door

Black walnut American door provides your entrance with the elegance of a high-end steel door and the durability and value of galvanized steel. The door skin clips into the wooden edge, making it secure, so it won’t be fallen off even 5 years, 10 years.


First, this Black Walnut American Door offers your entrance the elegance of high-end steel doors and the durability and value of galvanized steel. Secondly, the door skin of our products is sandwiched into the wooden edge, so that it is strong and will not fall off even for 5 or 10 years. What’s more, the panel patterns of our products are deeply pressed and look modern and elegant. Finally, our products are cheap and high-quality, which is deeply loved by our customers.

With a positive and progressive attitude, good management and professional service, we always provide the most rigorous and high-quality Black Walnut American Door and service to our customers. We take the accumulation of resources and capabilities with a competitive advantage as our starting point, and aim to expand our scale and improve our efficiency. We are innovative, embracing change, progressive, passionate and strive to realize our value.


Door skin: Galvanized steel

Filled in: Poly foam or polyurethane injection foam

Finishes: PVC laminated

Color: Black walnut and other wood grain colors

Models: Panels and ovals pattern. Customized requirement

Packing way: With pallet load , about 770pcs/40HQ

Standard sizes: 32″ X 80″, 36″ X 80″ X 1 3/4″. Customized requirement

Color Options

Besides the black walnut, you will discover a range of captivating color options with our American Door. Each color is meticulously crafted to enhance the natural beauty of woodgrain. 

Elevate your home’s curb appeal and create a door that reflects your unique style. With exquisite craftsmanship and a range of stunning hues, our doors are the perfect fusion of aesthetics and durability. 

* For more colors, please contact us.

After-sales Service

At our factory, we offer round-the-clock online service to cater to your needs at any time. Whether you have questions, require assistance, or need urgent support, our dedicated team is available 24/7 to provide timely and effective solutions. We value your satisfaction and aim to deliver the highest level of customer service.


Q: Are you doors’ manufacturer and factory?

A: Yes, we are a steel door factory and manufacturer.

Q: What is your delivery date?

A: It depends. Normally, 20-25 days after received the 50% deposit and confirmed all the details.

Q: Can customers order different colors and models in one order?

A: Surely. Mixed colors and models are acceptable.

Q: What is your minimum order?

A: 1*20GP. And if you have shipping agent in Guangzhou, we can accept sample order.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: 50% TT as deposit in advance, 50% balance before shipment.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our American Door products are available in a range of styles, designs, and finishes to suit any interior or exterior space.
  • We have created an excellent team and shaped a good corporate image in this era of frequent opportunities and miracles, which requires wisdom and courage.
  • Our American Door products are designed to be energy-efficient and reduce heating and cooling costs.
  • Our company conforms to the development trend of the times, closely follows the frontier of world science and technology, introduces and digests advanced technology, and continuously improves self-level. We have rich technical experience, a high degree of mechanization, high automation, stable quality, and safety. With reputation and quality assurance, we have won the trust and favor of many new and old customers.
  • We are committed to sustainability and prioritize environmentally friendly practices in all aspects of our business.
  • Based on the characteristics of reasonable structure, durability and convenient operation, our Black Walnut American Door that meets the different requirements of new and old customers is sold all over the world.
  • We have a dedicated team responsible for quality control and product inspection to ensure that our American Door products meet the highest standards.
  • Our continuous optimization of design solutions and modern management concepts make us a trusted partner for our customers.
  • Our factory is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment and technology to ensure high-quality production.
  • The company has been committed to the research and development of high-quality products, taking quality as the first priority, and constantly focusing on product updates. Our products are all over the country and are highly praised and favored by customers.

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