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Fiberglass Back Door

Fiberglass back door will become more and more popular on the market, for the fiberglass is environmentally friendly material and pepole’s environmental awareness has been raised in recent years.


Fiberglass back door will become more and more popular on the market, for the fiberglass is environmentally friendly material and pepole’s environmental awareness has been raised in recent years.

Why is fiberglass door environmentally friendly? Fiberglass door is made of fiberglass that features strong structure, resistant to rust, warping, rot and corrosion. It requires little maintenance. It means that this door lasts longer than wooden doors and other doors. So you just have to wash it or repaint it, but you don’t need to replace it. You reduce both the waste and the repair cost.

Saving on energy costs is another advantage of installing our door. Our fiberglass door is filled with polyurethane foam, which is five times more energy efficient than wooden doors and help reduce cooling and heating costs.

Product name: Fiberglass back door.
Color: White color. Other Wooden grain colors are available.
Models: Fiberglass doors with 2/3/4/6/8/9 panels.
Standard sizes: Customized sizes are acceptable.
Packing: With pallet load.


1. Durability: Fiberglass is a highly durable material that can withstand harsh weather conditions, including extreme temperatures, moisture, and UV rays. Fiberglass back doors are resistant to warping, cracking, rotting, and rusting, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance requirements.

2. Design Versatility: These fiberglass doors come in a wide range of designs, styles, and finishes. They can be customized to mimic the look of real wood, with various wood grain textures and finishes available. Fiberglass doors also offer options for decorative glass inserts, panel configurations, and hardware choices, allowing for design flexibility to match different architectural styles and personal preferences.

3. Resistance to Environmental Factors: Fiberglass doors are resistant to moisture, mold, mildew, and insect damage. They are an ideal choice for areas with high humidity or coastal regions where traditional materials may be prone to deterioration.

4. Sound Insulation: Our back doors offer good sound insulation properties. They can help reduce noise transmission from outside, providing a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

5. Eco-Friendly: Fiberglass is a sustainable and eco-friendly material. It can be recycled at the end of its life, reducing environmental impact and waste.


1. Residential Homes: These fiberglass doors are commonly used as the main entrance to residential properties. They provide a secure and stylish entry point to the backyard, patio, or deck area. Fiberglass doors can be customized to match the architectural style of the home and come in various designs, colors, and finishes.

2. Multi-Unit Buildings: These back doors are suitable for use in apartment complexes, condominiums, or townhouse communities. They can be installed as individual unit entrances, providing residents with a durable and aesthetically pleasing back door option.

3. Commercial Buildings: These doors are used in commercial buildings such as offices, retail stores, and restaurants. They can serve as back entrances for employees, delivery personnel, or for access to outdoor spaces like parking lots or loading areas.

4. Hospitality Industry: These doors find application in hotels, resorts, and hospitality establishments. They are used for back entrances, providing staff access to service areas, maintenance rooms, or outdoor amenities.

5. Educational Institutions: They are installed in schools, colleges, and universities for back entrances or access to outdoor areas like playgrounds or sports facilities.

Q: If I am planning to visit your factory, which is the nearest international airport?
A: Guangzhou Baiyun airport is the nearest airport, only 20 minutes driving to our factory.

Q: What is your MOQ request?I would like to 100 sets to go.
A: Ok, 100 sets is accepted, but we suggest to order 20GP to save the shipping cost.

Q: What is your delivery date for the mass production?
A: It takes around 20-25 days normally after received the 30% deposit and confirmed all the details.

Q: What is FOB?
A: FOB means “free on board” and is used to indicate when liability and ownership of goods is transferred from a seller to a buyer.

Why Choose Us?

  • We are committed to providing our customers with personalized service and support.
  • We adhere to the concept of “customer-centric, meeting and exceeding customer requirements”.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are designed to provide optimal natural light while maintaining privacy and security.
  • We continue to pursue high-performance and high-quality products, and provide users with more high-quality personalized services.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are low-maintenance and offer ease of installation.
  • Through continuous exploration and discovery, our Fiberglass Back Door always maintains unique advantages and is deeply favored by customers.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are engineered to provide superior thermal insulation and energy efficiency.
  • Our company has gradually become a strong competitive and representative brand in the industry, and has become a representative manufacturer of Fiberglass Back Door.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are manufactured to withstand harsh weather conditions and resist corrosion.
  • We can provide customers with: 24 hours fast feedback; free samples; fast delivery; customer quality tracking.

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