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Fiberglass Door With Blinds

Fiberglass door with blinds of full view style provides maximum natural light and a sense of openness in your home, allowing you to enjoy the sun and outdoor views to their fullest. Crafted with high-quality fiberglass materials and expertly designed, this door is built to last, providing energy efficiency and durability for years to come.


Fiberglass Door with Blinds, namely glass fiber door with shutters, is a product that integrates door and shutters.We adopt high quality glass fiber material with high-intensity, good temperature stability, water resistance, corrosion resistance, moth resistance, anti-ultraviolet performance, etc. The door panel is embedded with sound insulation and thermal insulation materials. At the same time, it has built-in shutters. The shutters can be operated through the glass fiber door panel. It is convenient to regulate lighting and privacy. This product has the functions of the shutters and the excellent performance of glass fiber materials. It is widely used in many fields, such as residential and commercial buildings.


Product Name: Fiberglass Door With Blinds

Material: Fiberglass

Skin: 1.8mm to 2.0mm

Size: W 30’’-42’’ x H 72’’-96’’

Finish: Prime coating, powder spraying, PVC

Glass Type: Clear or obsure tempered glass, colour glass

Blinds Color: White or tan

Door Color: White, grey, red, yellow, brown, other colors or woodgrains like mahogany, oak, fir, walnut

Infilling: Polyfoam or polyurethane foam

Models: Full view blinds

Feature: Fire proof 20 mins, maintenance free

Packing: With pallet

Fiberglass Door with Blinds has the following characteristics:

1. Strong Durability: Glass fiber material makes this door has the characteristics of corrosion resistance and durability. It can withstand various weather, and is not easy to deform.

2. Convenient Maintenance: You can adjust the light and privacy of the room by adjusting the angle. It is easy to facilitate maintenance and cleaning.

3. High Security: The shutters can block the sight of viewing from the outside, to ensure the safety and privacy of the residents.

4. Good Aesthetics: Its exquisite appearance design can increase overall quality of the house.

5. Good Insulation: The glass fiber material has good thermal insulation performance, which can effectively block the cold air outside and improve the indoor insulation effect.

In short, Fiberglass Door with Blinds is a strong structure, beautiful, durable, safe and reliable door that can provide a comprehensive guarantee and convenience for family rooms.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our Fiberglass Doors are built to last, ensuring long-term performance and value.
  • The company focuses internally on selecting, hiring, training and retaining talents, and externally on service, quality, professionalism and sustainability.
  • We understand the importance of timely and accurate delivery and strive to meet all our customers’ needs.
  • We comply with the development of the market, close to the international trend, committed to providing customers with satisfactory Fiberglass Door With Blinds.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with honest and transparent pricing.
  • We are a professional manufacturer for Fiberglass Door With Blinds, with a complete and scientific quality management system.
  • We offer a variety of customizable options to ensure that our Fiberglass Doors meet your specific requirements.
  • We are determined to pursue excellence in technology innovation and professional services and strive to be more cost effective.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are designed and manufactured to meet the highest standards of quality and performance.
  • We combine technological innovation with cost advantages, and the Fiberglass Door With Blinds we provide has a competitive advantage in the global market, and we strive to create value for our customers.

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