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Fully Glazed External Door

Fully Glazed External Door is the perfect choice for those who want to add natural light and elegance to their home’s exterior. The door’s full glazing design makes it a standout feature for any entryway, while also providing an unobstructed view of the outside world.


Crafted with high-quality materials, our Fully Glazed External Door is both durable and stylish. The glazed design allows for plenty of natural light to enter the room, while also adding a touch of sophistication to the overall look of the door. The door comes in a variety of styles and finishes, making it easy to find the perfect fit for any home.

Made with top-quality materials, this Fully Glazed External Door is designed to be both functional and beautiful. The fully glazed design not only adds to the door’s aesthetic appeal but also helps to improve energy efficiency. With a rust and corrosion-resistant finish, this door is built to last, making it a smart investment for any homeowner.


Material: Galvanized steel

Sizes: 30″X80″, 32″X80″, 34″X80″, 36″X80″X1 3/4″

Glass material: Tempered safety glass

Glass type: Clear/frosted/decovative

Glass thickness: 1/8″ to 1/2″

Core: Polyfoam/polyurethane foam

Door edge: Pine wood

Finish: Prime coating/powder coating/electrostatic spraying/PVC

Color: White, black, walnut, woodgrain

Model: Fully glazed

Packing: With pallet

Feature: Rust and corrosion resistant, energy efficient

Customization: Available


1. Abundant Natural Light: The fully glazed design allows ample natural light to penetrate the interior space, creating a bright and welcoming atmosphere. This can help reduce the need for artificial lighting during the day and contribute to a more visually appealing environment.

2. Visual Appeal: The sleek and modern appearance of a Fully Glazed External Door can enhance the aesthetic appeal of the building’s exterior. It can add a contemporary touch and complement various architectural styles.

3. Sound Insulation: Fully glazed doors with insulated glass units can help reduce external noise transmission, providing a quieter and more peaceful indoor environment.

4. Safety Features: Tempered safety glass is designed to minimize the risk of injury in case of breakage. It breaks into small, harmless fragments, reducing the chance of severe cuts or injuries from sharp shards.


We offer several shipping options and competitive pricing to make getting your new doors as easy as possible.

We are a steel door factory, and our delivery time for our products is 15-30 days via sea freight. We ensure timely delivery of orders to our valued customers. Our dedicated team works efficiently to manufacture and prepare the doors according to your specifications. Once the production process is complete, we carefully package and arrange the shipment to ensure the safe transportation of your doors. We understand the importance of timely delivery and strive to meet and exceed our customers’ expectations. Rest assured, your steel doors will be delivered within the specified timeframe, maintaining our commitment to quality and customer satisfaction.


Q: How about the price? How can I be assured of quality?

A: Under the premise of ensuring quality, we will try our best to give you a competitive price according to your requirements. Welcome your inquiry.

Q: What is FOB?

A: FOB means “free on board” and is used to indicate when liability and ownership of goods is transferred from a seller to a buyer.

Q: Can we customize the design or packaging of this Fully Glazed External Door?

A: Yes, our factory provides OEM and ODM services, and you can customize the product design and packaging according to your requirements. Please contact the sales team for more details.

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