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Galvanized Sheet Metal Strips

Galvanized Sheet Metal Strips are strips of sheet metal that have been galvanized, or coated in zinc. Galvanizing is a process where the surface of the sheet metal is covered in a protective layer of zinc to prevent corrosion and rusting.


Galvanized Sheet Metal Strips are used in a variety of applications including construction, automotive, agricultural and industrial, such as steel doors for front door, steel door frame or security doors, security door frames and so on. They are typically available in a variety of sizes and thicknesses depending on the application. Galvanized sheet metal strips can be cut, bent and formed for a variety of projects.

Most of the metal strips are cutting into the length as the products needed, so it save material without waste. Some in coil, some in sheets, according to the products needs.

Galvanized Sheet Metal Strips have many different steel thickness, such as 0.1mm, 0.2mm up to 1.5mm.

MaterialGalvanized steelTensile Strength270 – 500 Mpa
Thickness0.1mm – 1.5mmYield Strength140 – 300 Mpa
Width10mm – 600mmElongation20% – 40%
LengthCustomizable, up to 3000mmSurface TreatmentRegular spangle, minimized spangle, zero spangle
Zinc Coating20g/m2 – 275g/m2ApplicationSteel doors, steel door frames

Golden Tortoise is a leading manufacturer of steel doors in China. Our factory occupies 500,000 square feet, located in Guangdong province, only an hours drive from Guangzhou Baiyun airport. Founded in 1996, we have 27 years of experience in making doors, and we were the first factory to introduce knock-down steel door frames from Australia. We hold over 100 invention patents and advanced production technology, and enjoy a good reputation in the industry.


Q: Is galvanized steel metal strip can use around ocean?

A: Yes, it can be use near ocean.

Q: If galvanized steel metal strip use near the ocean, it could get rust?

A: No, it is rust free.

Q: How could we protect galvanized steel metal strip when we use them?

A: The important thing is beware the part which has been cut, it needs oil or paint to protect from the air, so it could last much longer.

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