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Mahogany Fiberglass Door

Classic Mahogany Fiberglass Door, made with high-quality fiberglass and finished with a rich mahogany wood grain, offers the perfect combination of beauty and strength. The fiberglass construction ensures that this attractive door is resistant to warping, rotting, and termites, making it a great option for both residential and commercial properties.


One of the great features of Mahogany Fiberglass Door is its ability to mimic the look of real wood. The door has the same natural grain pattern and rich color as a traditional mahogany door, but without the costly price tag and maintenance requirements. This door is a great way to add curb appeal to your home or building while still enjoying the benefits of a durable, low-maintenance product.

With its beautiful appearance, strength and durability, and energy efficiency, this door is the perfect choice for any house. If you’re looking for a door that will stand the test of time and make a lasting impression, look no further than the Fiberglass Mahogany Door. Let us know if you’re interested in getting a quote and we will be more than happy to help.


Material: Fiberglass

Skin: 1.8mm to 2.0mm

Size: W30”-42” x H72”-96”

Finish: Prime coating, powder spraying or PVC laminated

Color: White, grey, red, yellow, other colors or woodgrains

Core: Poly foam, polystyrene foam

Feature: Fire rated 20 minutes

Packing: With pallet

Accessory: Hinges, lock striker, tile wires, temporary bottom rail


1. Authentic Wood Look: Mahogany fiberglass door is designed to replicate the rich and warm appearance of real mahogany wood. It feature a textured surface with a realistic wood grain finish, providing an authentic and luxurious look that enhances the curb appeal of a home.

2. Durable Construction: This fiberglass door is built using high-quality fiberglass materials that offer exceptional durability and resistance to warping, cracking, rotting, and insect damage. This ensures a long lifespan and minimal maintenance requirements compared to real wood doors.

3. Versatility in Design: Mahogany doors come in a variety of design options to suit different architectural styles and personal preferences. They can have various panel configurations, glass inserts, and decorative details, allowing homeowners to customize the door’s appearance to their liking.

4. Low Maintenance: Our fiberglass door requires less maintenance compared to real wood doors. It does not need to be regularly stained or sealed to maintain its appearance. Occasional cleaning with mild soap and water is typically sufficient to keep it looking beautiful and fresh.

5. Cost-Effective Alternative: This door offer the luxurious look of real mahogany wood at a more affordable price point. It provides the beauty and elegance of wood without the higher cost and maintenance requirements.

Logistics and Transportation Advantages

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, a coastal city that provides us with significant logistical benefits. Being situated close to shipping ports, we enjoy shorter transportation times for our fiberglass doors, resulting in faster delivery to our customers.

Additionally, the proximity to the ports allows us to take advantage of reduced shipping costs, leading to significant savings in freight expenses. These logistical advantages enable us to efficiently manage our supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of our products while optimizing cost-effectiveness.


Q: What’s your trade terms?

A: Our trade terms: EXW, FOB, CFR and CIF per request.

Q: How can I get the quotation?

A: Just tell us your requirement of the specification and the quantity, and then we will send the quotation form to you.

Q: What are the different types of containers?

A: We have 3 different size containers, 20GP, 40GP and 40HC. We recommend 40HC container that is the most profitable.

Why Choose Us?

  • We offer a variety of customization options to meet your unique design and functional needs.
  • All our employees maintain a dedicated work attitude and strive to provide customers with high-quality products and considerate service.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are perfect for any residential or commercial application.
  • We hope that through our perfect design and manufacture, we can ensure that each product will give full play to its design performance index during its effective use.
  • Our Fiberglass Doors are rigorously inspected before shipment to ensure their quality and functionality.
  • Our company adheres to the quality policy of ‘people-oriented, high-quality and efficient, continuous improvement, and customer satisfaction’, and provides customers with satisfactory services with first-class quality and good reputation.
  • As a reliable supplier and manufacturer, we offer competitive prices for our Fiberglass Doors.
  • Only when we continue to provide our customers with Mahogany Fiberglass Door and supporting services beyond their expectations can we show the value of our company’s existence.
  • We are a Chinese factory that specializes in providing high-quality Fiberglass Doors.
  • Our company adheres to the business philosophy of “integrity-based, quality first”, and solemnly promises to customers: our company has an after-sales service management department, which will give satisfactory answers within 24 hours, and regular telephone return visits and services, Open the door to convenience for customers.

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