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Modern Aluminum Doors

With a combination of sleek design and durability, our modern aluminum doors are perfect for those seeking a contemporary touch. Enhance the living space with our premium Gold Tortoise aluminum doors.


1. Modern Design

With our modern aluminum doors, you can elevate the aesthetics of your living space. Using state-of-the-art heat transfer technology, we create unique and modern minimalist finishes on the surface of the aluminum alloy doors. The warm woodgrain texture, complemented by two striking black lines, creates a captivating contrast. This sleek design embodies the essence of modernity, making it an excellent choice for those who appreciate contemporary aesthetics.

2. Durability That Withstands the Test of Time

When it comes to durability, these doors outshine traditional wooden doors. Unlike wood, our aluminum doors exhibit exceptional resistance to corrosion and moisture. Say goodbye to concerns about warping, cracking, or changes in texture caused by humidity. Even in high-moisture environments like coastal areas or rainy regions, our doors remain unaffected by rust or deformation. Rest assured, our modern aluminum doors will endure the test of time.

3. Premium Hardware Selection for Superior Quality

We pride ourselves on delivering high-quality products, and our modern aluminum doors are no exception. The doors are paired with durable hardware accessories such as handles and hinges, ensuring longevity and functionality. The sleek black handles not only provide a practical grip but also harmonize beautifully with the decorative black lines on the door, adding a touch of visual appeal to your space.


BrandGolden TortoiseDoor Sizes(W*H*THK)800*2000*45mm, 900*2100*45mm
Place of OriginGuangdong, ChinaFrame Sizes75mm/80mm/90mm
Skin MaterialAluminum alloyDoor Leaf ColorTechnical wood
Frame MaterialAluminum alloyFrame ColorGrey/black/technical wood
CorePolyfoam/PUWarranty5 years
AccessoriesLock, hingesPacking wayCarton, pallet

* Customizd sizes, colors, models are acceptable.

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Customer Feedback

One of our customer named Mr. Dave Somul, who is from Canada, said that he could close his eyes to buy our doors.

The other customer said that our doors were much better than those he bought from other factories, compare the quality and the price he paid.

A customer named Steve, who is from Sydney, said that he had never received any empty promise from us. He said that we mean what we say.

A customer named Musa, who is from Sudan, Had 300 euros left in our factory after he finished his order. 5 years later, when he was passing by Guangzhou city, we took him out to dinner and handed him the 300 euros in cash. He said that he had completely forgotten about it and what a big surprise it was!


Q: Can you provide OEM or ODM service?

A: Sure, warmly welcome OEM & ODM orders.

Q: Can I request a sample before placing an order?

A: Yes, we offer samples for a reasonable cost, and you can test the product quality and functionality before placing a bulk order.

Q: How about after-sales service?

A: After sales service would be always following up your order to offer you satisfied service.

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