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Multi Lock Door System

We,Gold Tortoise, are door manufacturer in China since 1996, and we also supply many kinds of high-quality door locks for our customers.


What is Multi Lock Door System? It is the steel security door with many lock points around the door to make it safer.

Most people think that the more locking points of anti-theft doors, the safer they are. Golden tortoise door industry said that the four locking points of the anti-theft door are enough, and the key to safety is the quality of the lock cylinder!

The function of the anti-theft lock point is to prevent prying, but the lock cylinder really controls the expansion and opening of the lock point. No matter how many anti-theft security lock points, there is only one lock cylinder. As long as the lock cylinder is opened, all locking points can be opened. Therefore, for the buyers of anti-theft doors, it is the key to pay attention to the quality of the lock cylinder of the anti-theft lock, so you need check the material, such as copper, steel, alum. And so on.

How should we use Multi Lock Door System? When using, when opening and closing the door, push and pull gently as far as possible. Long-term violent impact will loosen the parts of the anti-theft door and reduce its service life.

It is forbidden to put vegetable oil or lubricating oil in the lock cylinder. Some pencil lead powder can be used if it is difficult to open.

The real good lock is not the more lock points, the better. There is no essential difference between 4 locks and 10 or 20 locks. No matter how many locking points there are, the center is on the lock cylinder. As long as the lock cylinder is broken, no more locking points will work. Generally only four lock points are enough.


Origin: China

Material: Stainless steel/zinc alloy

Locking Mechanism: 4-way multipoint locking system with handle and hook

Locking direction: Left/right

Color: Silver, brown, brass, nickel, chrome, gold, etc.

Style: Modern

Application: Wooden or metal security doors

Package: Box


Q: Where is your factory located?

A: Our factory is located in Guangzhou city of China , only 9km from Guangzhou BAIYUN Airport.

Q: What is your delivery date?

A: It depends. Normally, 20-25 days after received the 30% deposit and confirmed all the details.

Q: Can a Multi Lock Door System be opened with a traditional lock pick?

A: Multi Lock Door Systems are designed to be more resistant to lock picking and other forms of forced entry. However, no lock is completely impervious to tampering, and it is important to choose a high-quality Multi Lock Door System and take other security measures to minimize the risk of break-ins.

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