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Steel Sheet Coated With Zinc

Steel Sheet Coated With Zinc, galvanized sheet belongs to steel; The so-called galvanized plate is a layer of zinc plated on the surface of the steel plate, which can prevent the corrosion of the steel plate, play a protective role, so as to increase its service life.


The zinc layer of Steel Sheet Coated With Zinc varies from 20g/M2 up to 275g/M2, which means each square meter has certain zinc coating.

Mostly like marine products, security doors, or steel doors for outside use, even for the people who are living by ocean, need zinc steel products to avoid from the salty air.

Of course, Steel Sheet Coated With Zinc will be more expensive compare with cold steel, but it is give you better and much longer life for the products, such as white electrical goods, such as TV, refrigerator, wash machine, and so on.

According to production and processing methods, it can be classified into the following categories:

1.Hot dip galvanized steel sheet, A sheet of steel that is dipped into a molten zinc bath so that a layer of zinc adheres to its surface. At present, the continuous galvanizing process is mainly adopted to produce the galvanized steel sheet, namely, the coiled steel sheet is continuously dipped in a galvanizing bath with zinc melting.

2.Alloyed galvanized steel sheet. This steel plate is also made by hot dip method, but immediately after the bath, it is heated to about 500 °C to form a zinc and iron alloy film. The galvanized sheet has good adhesion and weld ability of paint;

3.The galvanized steel sheet produced by the electroplating method has good process ability. But the plating layer is thinner, the corrosion resistance is not as good as hot dip galvanized sheet;

4.Single plated and double plated galvanized steel sheet. Single-sided galvanized steel sheet, i.e. products galvanized on only one side. In welding, coating, anti rust treatment, processing and the like, has better adaptability than double-sided galvanized sheet. In order to overcome the single side is not coated with zinc shortcomings, there is a kind of galvanized sheet coated with thin zinc on the other side, namely double-sided differential galvanized sheet;

5.Galvanized sheet alloy, composite galvanized steel sheet. It is made of zinc and other metals such as aluminum, lead, zinc and so on to make alloys and even composite plated steel. The steel plate has excellent anti-rust performance and good coating performance. In addition to the above five kinds, there are also color galvanized steel sheet, printing galvanized steel sheet, PVC laminated galvanized steel sheet. But the most commonly used hot dip galvanized sheet. Main production plants and import countries: One Major Domestic Production Plants: WISCO, An gang, Bao steel Huang shi, MCC Heng tong, Shou gang, Pan gang, Han gang, Ma gang, Fujian Kai jing, etc. The main foreign production countries are Japan, Germany, Russia, France, South Korea, etc. Size Specification Zinc Layer Material 0.20*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z 0.25*1000*C 80 DX51D+Z Expand All.


Material: Galvanized steel sheet

Type: Hot dip/alloyed/electroplating/single plated/double plated/composite

Thickness: 0.25-3.0mm

Width: 600-1500mm

Length: Customizable

Zinc Coating: 20-275g/m²

Surface Treatment: Chromated/oiled /dry

Yield Strength: 140-500MPa

Tensile Strength: 270-550MPa

Elongation: 16-33%

Applications: Steel doors and frames, etc.


Q: What’s the package?

A: The steel sheets are packed with pallet.

Q: What is your payment terms?

A: 30% TT as deposit in advance, 70% balance before loading.

Q: Can I order different sizes and models of steel sheets and steel frames in one order?

A: Sure. Mixed sizes and models are acceptable.

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