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Waterproof Basement Door

Our Waterproof Basement Door with glass is an ideal choice for anyone who wants to keep their basement dry and secure. With its waterproof features, steel construction, and impact-resistant glass, it’s designed to provide long-lasting protection and durability. Plus, its customizable design allows you to choose the perfect fit for your basement.


Water resistance

Our Waterproof Basement Door is designed to keep water out of your basement, even in the most severe weather conditions. It features a sealing strip and galvanized steel sheet, which prevents water from seeping through the door. The polyfoam/polyurethane foam/steel lockbox adds an extra layer of protection against water penetration, making it a perfect choice for areas prone to flooding or heavy rainfall.

Specific design for basement

Our Waterproof Basement Door is specifically designed for basements. Its steel construction provides durability and strength, while its sealing strip and lockbox prevent moisture from seeping through the door. This not only helps to keep your basement dry but also improves its energy efficiency by reducing the need for dehumidifiers and other moisture control devices.

More light and customization

Our Waterproof Basement Door comes with a glass panel that adds a modern touch to your basement. The half view 9 lite design allows natural light to enter the space, making it brighter and more inviting. The steel frame and tempered glass are both impact-resistant, making it a safe and secure option for your basement. It’s also customizable to fit your unique needs and preferences.


Door Skin: High-quality galvanized steel

Door Edge, Lock block: High-quality galvanized steel

Finish: Prime coating, powder coating, PVC laminated

Color: White, grey, black, woodgrains

Dimensions: 32″ x 80″, 36″ x 80″

Glass Style: 9 Lite, half view

Glass Type: Tempered glass

Glass Standard Size: 22″ x 36″

Lock Type: 5 point lock/2 point lock

Insulation Material: Polyfoam/polyurethane foam

Sealing strip: Rubber

Feature: Water resistant

Package: With pallet



Q: What is your minimum order?

A: 1*20GP. And if you have shipping agent in Guangzhou, we can accept sample order.

Q: How long for the production & delivery?

A: It takes about 15-25 days for custom-made order.

Q: How about after-sales service?

A: After sales service would be always following up your order to offer you satisfied service.

Why Choose Us?

  • We use only the highest quality materials and components in our products.
  • Our company is building a Waterproof Basement Door intelligent manufacturing industrial park to support the upgrading and development of high-end Waterproof Basement Door products and drive the new development of the industry with intelligence.
  • Our factory uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce our products.
  • We keep the path of green development and promote the company’s product transformation and upgrading.
  • Our company is committed to ethical business practices and social responsibility.
  • We are a large-scale, standardized enterprise that insists on “designing to create life, using technology to drive innovation” and integrating design, production and sales.
  • Our Waterproof Doors are suitable for a wide range of applications.
  • With strict quality control and rich scientific management experience, our company enjoys a high reputation in the international market.
  • We are committed to providing prompt and efficient delivery of our products.
  • The rapid growth of our company’s performance, on the one hand, benefits from the steady growth of the industry market scale, on the other hand, it lies in the reasonable formulation and steady implementation of the company’s development strategy.

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