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White Moulded Interior Doors

Gold Tortoise White Moulded Interior Doors from Gold Tortoise is sturdy, durable, rust resistant, insulated and stylish. These doors are crafted from high-quality galvanized steel, insulated foam core, and finger-joint wooden door edge. With a range of sizes and panel options, our products can be customized to suit any space.



Brand Name: Gold Tortoise

Place of origin: Guangdong, China

Material: 24/25/26 gauge galvanized steel

Sizes: 30″X80″, 32″X80″, 34″X80″, 36″X80″X1 3/4″

Core: Polyfoam/polyurethane foam

Door edge: Finger-joint pine wood

Lock block: Solid wood

Finish: Prime coating/powder coating/PVC

Color: White

Model: 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/9 panel

Packing: With pallet

Feature: No warping, resistant to rust and corrosion, sturdy, durable, energy efficient, environmental friendly

Position: Interior door

Customization acceptable.

1. White Finish

The crisp white finish of our White Moulded Interior Doors creates a bright and airy atmosphere in any room. The color also makes it easy to coordinate with other white or neutral decor elements. The finish is durable and easy to clean, ensuring that the doors will look great for years to come.

2. Elegant Moulded Panels

The moulded panels on these doors add depth and dimension to the design, giving the doors a high-end look without the high-end price tag. The panels are available in a variety of styles, including 1/2/3/4/5/6/8/9 panel options, allowing for a customized look that suits any style.

3. Suitable Interior Application

Our White Moulded Interior Doors without glass offer privacy and soundproofing, making them a great choice for bedrooms, bathrooms, and other private spaces. With customizable sizes and panel options, these doors can be tailored to fit any interior space.

Production Equipment

With a fleet of 300 machines, we have invested in advanced production equipment to optimize efficiency and reduce labor costs. Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to streamline the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery of these White Moulded Interior Doors.

Logistics and Transportation Advantages

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, a coastal city that provides us with significant logistical benefits. Being situated close to shipping ports, we enjoy shorter transportation times for our goods, resulting in faster delivery to our customers. Additionally, the proximity to the ports allows us to take advantage of reduced shipping costs, leading to significant savings in freight expenses. These logistical advantages enable us to efficiently manage our supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of our products while optimizing cost-effectiveness.


Q: How can we guarantee quality?

A: Strict quality control is conducted before shipment and photos or videos would be sent for goods inspection.

Q: Can you deliver the doors to my country?

A: Yes, we supply the steel doors to all over the world.

Q: What is the standard size of your doors?

A: Our product is CUSTOMER MADE. We always manufacture doors according to buyer’s dimensions.

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