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Zinc Alloy Hinges

Zinc Alloy Hinges are versatile and stylish solutions for your hardware needs. With various surface treatments such as electroplating, spray painting, polishing, and grinding, these hinges offer a colorful and rich appearance. The smooth, refined surface of the hinge has a noticeable mirror effect, while multiple layers of electroplating provide protection against corrosion and oxidation, ensuring a long-lasting finish.


In addition to its stunning appearance, Zinc Alloy Hinges are also known for their impressive casting performance. Complex and thin-walled shapes can be easily molded to maximize the variety of styles with a smooth surface, which allows to fit your specific requirements.

In short, Zinc Alloy Hinges are the perfect combination of innovation and personalization,making them the ideal choice for anyone looking for a high-quality and personalized hardware solution. Send us an inquiry today! Let us show you the possibilities of Zinc Alloy Hinges and how they can bring your projects to life with their innovative and personalized design.


Material: Zinc alloy

Finish: Polished

Color: Silver, black, brass, copper, golden

Usage: Steel door, wooden door, interior door, exterior door

Quantity: 3 pieces with screws

Package: Box


Q: How can I get the price for this hinge?

A: You could contact us in this wedsite, on the whatsapp or send us email.

Q: Where is our port of shipment?

A: Our port of shipment is Guangzhou or Shenzhen port, Guangzhou China.

Q: How long it will take if I order 20ft?

A: 25-30 days, we will put your order as priority.

Why Choose Us?

  • We pride ourselves on delivering exceptional Door Hardware products and services to our customers.
  • We cooperate with powerful enterprises with strong strength, excellent equipment, advanced technology, excellent product quality and reasonable price.
  • Our competitive pricing strategy ensures that we offer the best value for money for our Door Hardware products.
  • Creating international brands and enhancing the added value of Zinc Alloy Hinges are our core competitiveness.
  • Our Door Hardware products incorporate innovative designs that improve functionality and usability.
  • From the highest quality materials, technical equipment to the most complete service system, each of our links has created the best products.
  • Our experts are always available to provide professional advice and support to our clients.
  • We create more value for customers by providing overall solutions and comprehensive services.
  • We believe in building long-term relationships with our customers based on trust, quality, and reliability.
  • Our industrial structure has been continuously optimized, our overall competitiveness has been further strengthened, and our brand image has been significantly enhanced.

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