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Stanley Commercial Doors

Stanley commercial doors have high performance of compression. Weather-stripping prevents air and water infiltration. Limited lifetime warranty will be provided. These doors are durable with unique and modern style that loved by most of custmers.


Stanley commercial doors have high performance of compression. Weather-stripping prevents air and water infiltration. Limited lifetime warranty will be provided. These doors are durable with unique and modern style that loved by most of custmers. Golden tortoise stanley commercial doors are made of rust-free and top notch thicker galvanized steel, fully set of high quality lock and accessories. Stanley doors are certainly best choice for your building and house.


Door skin: 0.5-0.8mm galvanized steel

Door leaf: 45mm

Door frame: 1.1mm steel or thicker

Infilling: Poly foam/Polyurethane

Accessories: Stainless steel hinges, lock, handles, weather strip

Sizes per customer request.

Maximum size is 1300*2300*45mm.


1. Retail Stores: Stanley Commercial Doors are commonly used in retail environments, including shopping malls, department stores, supermarkets, and boutiques. They can be installed as entrance doors, storefront doors, or interior doors, providing a durable and secure solution for high-traffic areas.

2. Office Buildings: These doors are suitable for office buildings, corporate headquarters, and business complexes. They can be used as entrance doors, conference room doors, office suite doors, or interior doors, offering a professional and reliable entry and access solution.

3. Educational Institutions: Stanley doors are commonly used in schools, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions. They can be installed as main entrance doors, classroom doors, laboratory doors, gymnasium doors, or library doors, providing security, durability, and ease of use for students, faculty, and staff.

4. Hospitality Industry: Hotels, resorts, and hospitality venues often utilize our doors in their main entrances, guest rooms, conference rooms, banquet halls, and service areas. These doors offer an attractive and welcoming entry point while ensuring security and smooth operation in high-traffic environments.

5. Industrial Facilities: Stanley Commercial Doors are suitable for industrial applications such as manufacturing plants, warehouses, distribution centers, and storage facilities. They can be used as roll-up doors, high-speed doors, sectional doors, or service doors, providing durability, security, and efficient access for the movement of goods and equipment.


We source our raw materials, cut and weld them, treat the surfaces, install and test, and maintain strict quality control throughout the production process.


Our factory director, Mr. Wang Yiming, holds 100+ patents. His innovative designs for door production machinery have increased speed and automation.

After-sales Service

Stanley Commercial Doors offer online technical support to assist customers with any questions or issues they may encounter. This support can include troubleshooting assistance, guidance on installation, operation, and maintenance of the doors. The technical support team is knowledgeable and experienced, providing prompt and helpful solutions to customer inquiries.


Q: Is this Stanley commercial doors waterproof?

A: Yes, it is made by steel and waterproof.

Q: Is this for room or for entrance?

A: This is an commercial doors, it could be used as entrance door.

Q: what is the frame size?

A: The frame size could be up to 2300mm

Q: How can I get the price for this door?

A: You could contact us in this wedsite.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our team is dedicated to providing outstanding Stanley Doors products and services.
  • We have extensive and stable client network, timely and accurate data collection, and rich and mature market planning.
  • You can trust our company to deliver the highest quality Stanley Doors products at competitive prices.
  • The structure of our Stanley Commercial Doors is stable, the safety performance is greatly enhanced, and the performance is better than similar products.
  • We are dedicated to making high-quality Stanley Doors products that stand the test of time.
  • Our company will always take customers as the center, make creating value for customers and achieving win-win development as the fundamental, and implement development goals.
  • With our professional experience and expertise, we ensure superior Stanley Doors products and services.
  • In the future, we will continue to expand to maintain our scale advantage, and achieve integrated optimization of production capacity and business through international layout to reduce regional risks.
  • We take pride in offering our customers high-quality Stanley Doors products at fair prices.
  • We regard green environmental protection as an important part of building high-quality development of the enterprise, and continue to integrate it with new elements of the times.

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