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Stanley Fire Front Door

Stanley fire front doors are in elegant appearance which is with the durability and strength of steel, heavy duty steel secures and protects your home and building. These doors make you enjoy the security and beauty.


Stanley fire front doors are in elegant appearance which is with the durability and strength of steel, heavy duty steel secures and protects your home and building. They make you enjoy the security and beauty. 

These stanley fire doors will provide protection from the spread of fire and smoke by the fireproof seals on the door frame. The door frame also provides superior protection. Plus, our doors are also environmentally friendly. Our good quality fire doors will be very important to protect your house.


Stanley door skin: 0.6-1.0mm galvanized steel

Door leaf: 45mm or up

Door frame: 0.6-1.5mm steel or thicker

Infilling: Poly foam

Accessories: Stainless steel hinges, lock, handles, fire seal


Maximum frame size is 2300*1300*45mm, sizes per customer request.

Production Equipment

With a fleet of 300 machines, we have invested in advanced production equipment to optimize efficiency and reduce labor costs. Our state-of-the-art machinery enables us to streamline the manufacturing process, ensuring consistent quality and timely delivery of our stanley fire front doors. 

Logistics and Transportation Advantages

Our factory is located in Guangzhou, a coastal city that provides us with significant logistical benefits. Being situated close to shipping ports, we enjoy shorter transportation times for our goods, resulting in faster delivery to our customers. Additionally, the proximity to the ports allows us to take advantage of reduced shipping costs, leading to significant savings in freight expenses. These logistical advantages enable us to efficiently manage our supply chain, ensuring timely delivery of our products while optimizing cost-effectiveness.


Q: How about the fire resistance time of this door?

A: 90 minutes.

Q: What is the standard size of this fire door?

A: 900*2100 or size on request.

Q: Do you have any certifcate for this fire door?

A: Sure, we have the BS476 british standard certifcate

Why Choose Us?

  • Our company is a leading supplier of reliable and high-quality Stanley Doors products.
  • We are fully aware that as a successful company, we must work together to continuously exceed the organizational structure and geographical constraints to meet the changing needs of customers.
  • Our extensive product range includes a wide selection of Stanley Doors products.
  • After more than ten years of development, we have been able to produce more and more mature products in China and provide more and more customers with thoughtful services. At the same time, we will actively participate in environmental protection and green sustainable development activities.
  • Our focus is on delivering reliable Stanley Doors products and excellent customer service.
  • We are making efforts to develop fine processing of our Stanley Fire Front Door and establish a diversified industrial structure.
  • With our competitive prices and exceptional service, we are your best option for Stanley Doors products.
  • We will wholeheartedly provide customers with high-quality Stanley Fire Front Door and services, and continue to store strong strength in scientific research and production.
  • Our company offers top-quality Stanley Doors products and professional expertise.
  • We look forward to working with friends from all walks of life to create a new future!

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