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Water Resistant Door

Our Water Resistant Door is the perfect addition to any home or business looking for added durability and protection from water damage. Made from wood plastic composite, this door offers the look and feel of wood with the added strength and water resistance of plastic.


Stylish Water Resistant Door comes in a wood finished option with a realistic wood grain pattern, adding a touch of natural beauty to any space. Not only does this door look great, it also features a high level of 100% water resistance, making it ideal for use in areas prone to moisture such as bathrooms or kitchens.

In addition to its functional benefits, this door is also easy to maintain and keep clean. Simply wipe down with a damp cloth as needed and enjoy its long-lasting durability and protection. Whether you’re looking to upgrade your home or business, the Water Resistant Door is the perfect choice for anyone in need of a durable, moisture-resistant door solution. Contact us today for more information and get profits with these pratical, beautiful and popular doors.


Brand Name: Gold Tortoise

Material: Wood plastic composite

Surface Finishing: Finished

Sizes: 750/800/840/900×2000/2100×40/45mm

Weight: 25KGS-55KGS

Function: Water proof

Application: Bathroom, kitchen

Open Style: Swing


1. Moisture protection: Water-resistant doors are designed to withstand moisture and prevent water infiltration. They have enhanced resistance to warping, rotting, or swelling, which can occur with standard doors when exposed to moisture. This protection helps maintain the structural integrity and longevity of the door.

2. Durability: Water-resistant doors are built to be highly durable and resistant to moisture-related damage. They are constructed using materials that are specifically engineered to withstand moisture, such as treated wood, composite materials, or fiberglass. This durability ensures that the doors can withstand the test of time and remain in good condition even in humid or wet environments.

3. Easy maintenance: Water-resistant doors are typically easier to maintain compared to standard doors. They can be easily cleaned with mild soap and water to remove any dirt, stains, or watermarks. Their resistance to moisture also means they are less susceptible to mold or mildew growth, reducing the need for extensive cleaning or upkeep.

4. Versatile design options: Water-resistant doors come in a wide range of design options to suit various styles and aesthetics. They can be found in different materials, finishes, and designs, allowing homeowners to choose a door that matches their desired look and complements their interior or exterior décor.

5. Improved energy efficiency: Many water-resistant doors are designed with insulation features, providing better energy efficiency for homes or buildings. These doors can help keep out drafts and maintain stable indoor temperatures, reducing energy consumption and heating or cooling costs.

6. Protection against water damage: Water-resistant doors offer added protection against water damage to the interior spaces. By preventing water infiltration, they help safeguard walls, flooring, and furniture from potential water-related issues, such as mold growth, rotting, or structural damage.

7.Extended lifespan: Due to their resistance to moisture and durability, water-resistant doors generally have a longer lifespan compared to standard doors. They can withstand harsher environmental conditions, making them a reliable and long-lasting investment.


1. Bathrooms: Water-resistant doors are commonly used in bathrooms where high humidity and moisture levels are present. These doors can withstand the moisture and steam generated during showers or baths without warping or deteriorating.

2. Kitchens: In kitchens, water-resistant doors are beneficial due to the potential exposure to water, steam, and cooking splashes. They provide protection against moisture damage and are easy to clean, making them suitable for cabinet doors and pantry doors.

3. Exterior Entry Doors: Water-resistant doors are ideal for exterior entry doors, especially in regions with high rainfall or extreme weather conditions. They offer protection against water infiltration, helping to maintain the integrity of the door and prevent water damage to the interior.

4. Laundry rooms: Water-resistant doors are commonly used in laundry rooms to handle the moisture and humidity associated with washing machines and dryers. These doors can withstand the occasional spills or splashes that occur during laundry tasks.

5. Basements: Basements are prone to moisture and water intrusion, so using water-resistant doors is crucial to prevent damage. These doors help create a barrier against water seepage and can be used for access to utility rooms, storage areas, or living spaces in basements.

6. Outdoor applications: Water-resistant doors can be used in outdoor settings, such as pool houses, sheds, or outdoor kitchens. They are designed to withstand exposure to rain, sun, and other weather elements, ensuring long-lasting performance in outdoor environments.

7. Commercial and industrial spaces: Water-resistant doors are also used in commercial and industrial settings where moisture or water exposure is a concern. This includes areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities, or utility rooms where water-resistant doors are needed for durability and protection.


Q: Can you help me purchase other products and pack them in the container?

A: It’s our pleasure. We can provide customers with one-stop service, including purchase other products.

Q: What’s your special service?

A: We will send customers production photos for your reference. After finish loading container, we will send loading details and loading pictures for you reference.

Q: What preferential terms you could give me if I increase the order’s quantity?

A: The price will discount some. More QTY, more discount.

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  • Our Waterproof Doors are designed with both form and function in mind.
  • The product is the image of the company, and the quality is the credibility of the company.
  • We are an experienced and reliable supplier of Waterproof Doors.
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  • Our Waterproof Doors are designed to withstand harsh weather conditions and provide long-lasting protection.
  • Our company uses the Internet to carry out the distribution information exchange, which broadens the channel of Water Resistant Door source information exchange and helps to form the transaction.
  • Our team of professionals can provide installation and maintenance services when needed.
  • We provide various Water Resistant Door and services to customers all over the world. We continue to conduct research and development, strictly control product quality, standardize production processes, and work hard on logistics and retail, so that all customers can receive undamaged products smoothly.
  • Our factory uses state-of-the-art technology and equipment to produce our products.
  • The company has established long-term and stable cooperative relations with many retailers and agents. At the same time, the variety is complete and the price is reasonable!

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