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Waterproof Front Door

Looking for a high-quality front door that can withstand the elements and keep your home safe and dry? Our waterproof front door is the perfect solution. We understand the importance of having a front door that can stand up to rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions. That’s why we’ve created a range of front doors that are not only stylish but also waterproof.


Main Features

Our waterproof front door is made from high-quality galvanized steel sheet for superior water resistance and security.

It’s Designed to withstand water, rain and wind with sealing strip.

Filled with polyfoam/polyurethane foam for water resistance, energy efficiency and sound insulation.

Other Features

Available in a variety of styles and finishes to complement any home.

Sleek and modern panel or glass design adds curb appeal to your home.

Easy installation and customer service for a hassle-free experience.

At Gold Tortoise, we’re committed to providing our customers with the best water resistant products and satisfactory services. Whether you’re looking for water resistance, added security, energy efficiency, or just a stylish new front door, our Waterproof Front Door is the perfect solution.


Brand name: Gold Tortoise

Place of origin: Guangdong, China

Door skin and edge material: High-quality galvanized steel

Door skin thickness: 0.6mm-1.2mm

Sizes: 750/820/880/1060mm*2100/2400mm*40/45mm

Finish: Prime coating/ powder coating/PVC

Color: White, other colors or woodgrains

Infilling: Polyfoam/polyurethane

Sealing strip: Rubber

Accessory: Hinges, multi point lock, handle, weatherproof sealing strip

Openning way: Push/Pull

Opening direction: Left/Right, inward/outward

Features: Waterproof, sound proof, energy-efficient, durable

Package: With pallet


Product Details


1. Protection from the elements: A waterproof door is designed to withstand rain, snow, and other harsh weather conditions without warping, swelling, or deteriorating. It acts as a barrier, keeping your home safe and dry. 2. Durability and longevity: Waterproof doors are typically made from materials such as fiberglass, steel, or composite, which are highly resistant to moisture. This makes them more durable and longer-lasting compared to non-waterproof doors. 3. Energy efficiency: Waterproof doors often have excellent insulation properties, helping to maintain a consistent indoor temperature. By preventing drafts and heat loss, they can contribute to energy savings and lower utility bills. 4. Low maintenance: Waterproof doors are relatively easy to clean and maintain. They do not require frequent resealing or refinishing like some non-waterproof door materials, making them a convenient choice for homeowners. 5. Enhanced security: Many waterproof front doors are built with reinforced frames and strong locking systems, providing added security for your home. They can help deter break-ins and protect your family and belongings. Production Equipment


Q: Which country do you sell to?

A: We sell our doors to the whole world, North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia, Middle East, etc.

Q: Where is our port of shipment?

A: Our port of shipment is Guangzhou or Shenzhen port, Guangzhou China.

Q: Can you deliver the doors to my country?

A: Yes, we supply the steel doors to all over the world.

Why Choose Us?

  • Our products are designed to be easy to install and maintain.
  • With excellent talents and leading technology, we provide domestic and foreign customers with high quality products for Waterproof Front Door and perfect customer service.
  • We are dedicated to providing a safe working environment for our employees.
  • Our company’s vision is to become an internationally renowned and domestically leading engineering general contracting integrated service provider by providing customers with all-round engineering and technical services centered on improving business performance, based on improving management level, supported by enhancing technical strength and linked by capital operation.
  • We are committed to providing our customers with the best value for their money.
  • Our company focuses on the improvement and enhancement of internal management, while constantly researching and innovating in technology, striving for excellence in quality, and unconditionally meeting customer requirements in service.
  • Our Waterproof Door products have been tested for durability and strength.
  • We work with our customers to balance opportunities and risks, respond quickly to customer needs, and achieve sustainable development.
  • We offer flexible and customizable solutions to meet our customers’ unique needs.
  • Technology plays an important role in product design and development. It helps to improve product quality, enhance our brand and product popularity, and make our Waterproof Front Door successfully enter the international market.

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